Troost Gardens

Songs, Systems & Structures:
A Drawing Survey

March 26th, 2022
April 23rd, 2022

Albert Owens, Rickey Moss
©2022 Sally Paul
Works by:
Erin Aguilar
Kelly John Clark
Austin Dearth
Jacob Everest
Baron Mattern
Lily Meuller
Albert Owens
Michael Rasco

One of the goals that Troost Gardens set for its program was to keep our eyes open to the interesting things happening in the KC art world. What we found was an abundance of artists making and thinking about drawing in innovative and inspiring ways. This exhibition consists of over 60 drawings made by 9 artists living in the Kansas City metro area including Erin Aguilar, Kelly John Clark, Austin Dearth, Jacob Everest, Baron Mattern, Rickey Moss, Lily Mueller, Albert Owens, and Michael Rasco.

Drawing is perhaps the first recorded mode of human expression. It can be direct, transcendent, personal and poetic, obsessive and lyrical. A drawing can be a record of sorts of an artist’s experiences, memories, and preoccupations. Oftentimes, a drawing lets you into the mind and thought process of the artist, making internal musings and ways of thinking and seeing visible. We hope you enjoy this survey and these artists' unique vision and a devotion to the medium.